• Commercial Laundry

  • Quality Laundry Services for Your Business

    Atomic Laundry will spot treat, wash and fold according your specifications.  Additionally, we can handle all of your dry cleaning needs. 

    For those requiring hot water, we ensure temperatures exceeding the 140 degree standard as recommeded by OSHA.

    Please contact us so we may discuss how we can customize service to suit your business needs.

    For those businesses not large enough for the corporate laundry services, Atomic Laundry can be the economical answer for your laundry and dry cleaning requirements.

    We take care of many type accounts such as Medical Offices, Dental Offices, PT's, massage therapists, spas, salons, movie sets, studios, restaruants and caterers.

  • Our full-service laundry includes:

    • No Contracts
    • Same day service available
    • Pretreatment with stain removal (if needed)
    • Wash, dry, and fold all of your laundry
    • No lost laundry
    • No harsh chemicals or odors
  • For commercial prices, please call us at: (404) 325-4459