• Frequently Asked Questions

    You would be amazed at all the different questions we are asked.  From the basic questions such as how much the machine costs to asking for directions, we are there for you.  I would like to think if we do not know the answer, we will search it out until we find it for you.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you the next time.

    • How much do the machines cost?

      It varies.  The 20lb washers are $2.75, 30lb washers are $3.75, 50lb washers are $4.75, and the 60lb washer is $5.75 for a 24 minute cycle.  The dryers are $.25 for a 7 minute cycle.  All machines are very user friendly.  If you need any assistance, please ask our attendant for assistance.

    • Where do i place my detergent and softener in the washer?

      All liquid detergents can be easily placed in the marked drop on top of each washer.  Just lift the flap, and pour it in.  There are separate drops for softeners and bleach as well.  If you are using powder detergent or "pods", please place them inside the washer before starting the machine.  

    • What is the turn around time for the fluff and fold service?

      Generally, we can have your items back to you the next day.  It can be requested to have laundry done the same day as well.  We charge #$1.35/lb for the next day service and $1.95/lb for same day service.  The same day service requires clothing be dropped no later than 2pm.  If dropped later, the laundry will be available the following day.

    • Do you do alterations?

      We offer alterations by some of the best seamstresses Atlanta has to offer.  All alterations are currently done outside, but we are currently working on having everything done in house.  Once complete, you will be able to wait for the simpler things.

    • What time is the last wash cutoff?

      Unfortunately, we can not stay open 24 hours a day.  We request the last load of wash be placed in the washers no later than 1 hour, 15 minutes before closing.  In other words, M-F 8:45pm, Saturday, 7:45pm, Sunday 4:45pm.  We appreciate your consideration of our employees for complying with this rule.

    • Do you clean specialty items?

      We offer cleaning services for suede, leathers, horse blankets, pet beds, rugs...basically you name it.  WE CAN DO IT!!