• Self-Service Laundry

  • Laundry Services with a Fresh Twist

    Play the slots on the newest, state of the art machines in the business.  Period.  The machines are so easy to use, even a Neanderthal can do it.  Spin cycles are rated at 140 G's of force, ensuring quick drying times.  We provide 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, and the gigantic 60lb washers-big enough to wash several comforters if needed.

    Whether you use self-service or our wash and fold service, be assured that when we say "hot water", we actually provide hot water.  In fact, our water temperatures exceed that required to kill pathogens such as staph, other micorbes and dust mites.

    Don't forget to get your "Frequent Member" card stamped.  Each ten washes gets you an eleventh free.

  • We've got everything you need:

    • Modern self-service laundry with state-of-the-art washer and dryer machines
    • Large-capacity machines for comforters, sleeping bags, dog beds, etc.
    • Friendly on-site staff for laundry assistance
    • Free wifi service
    • Big screen TV
    • Double bank change machine (accepts all bill sizes up to $20)
    • Free parking
    • Security cameras in use for your protection and safety
  • Our Self-Service Laundry Pricing

    Load Price
    Double Load (20lb) $2.75
    Triple Load (30lb) $3.75
    Mega Load (50lb) $4.75
    Gigantic Load (60lb) $5.75